The Journey Begins

This blog is a long time coming. We have been homeschooling for several years. And for several years I have contemplated starting a blog: partially to simply document our journey, partially to share curriculum ideas and lesson plans, partially to share thoughts about homeschooling, traveling the world, and life in general. As with many endeavors in life, it finally took friends asking for me to publish my lesson plans for Cycle 1 in Classical Conversations that provided the impetus to take the plunge.

Although this is my 4th year homeschooling my daughter, and 6th for my son, this is our first year in Classical Conversations. Before we even begin our work with the local CC community, I am having an absolute BLAST planning our year of school work. Classical Conversations recommends that families with students enrolled in the Foundations and/or Essentials programs should supplement their Classical Conversations curriculum with a math and phonics/reading program of their choice. We will be using Saxon for math.

I have chosen to design the rest of our learning experience for this year around the timeline portion of the CC memory work. Much of the Classical Conversations memory work runs through 3 cycles, with students completing one cycle per year. The timeline is memorized in its entirety each year and covers the entire history of mankind from Creation to 2001. I have decided to break the timeline into 3 chunks and focus our studies on one section of the timeline each year. This year we will cover the first 8 weeks of the Classical Conversations timeline. Although learning in depth about the civilizations and cultures from the first 8 weeks of the timeline will provide the framework for our enrichment studies, we will also incorporate additional activities that supplement the CC memory work in Latin, Geography, Science, Math, English, Art, Music, and Bible.

I will try to post our lesson plans for each week of Cycle 1 including our readings lists, links to videos, worksheets, and other projects. I am always looking for more fun things to read/watch/do with my kids. Please comment with information on what you are doing in your own Classical Conversations journey. If you are not enrolled in Classical Conversations, most of these resources will work equally well with Story of the World or the Beautiful Feet sequence. They can also be used to design your own stand alone Ancient History curriculum.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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