Awesome Bible Resources – Correlates with CC Cycle 1, Week 1

Week 1 Bible Resources Outlines

A word on Amazon Prime: You will notice that a lot of my posts feature links for videos that you can watch for free if you are a member of Amazon Prime. We made the decision a while ago that Prime was the best solution for our classical homeschooling family. Not only are there quite a good number of high quality educational and Christian films available for streaming, but the free 2 day shipping on all Amazon items pays for our subscription ten times over by the end of each school year. We have cancelled our cable service, Netflix, and Hulu and we now only subscribe to Prime. Each family’s needs are different, but if you are interested in trying Amazon Prime, you can CLICK HERE for a free 30 day trial

After posting my lesson plan for the Timeline inspired activities we are using for Cycle 1, Week 1 (read that post here) I found a few more resources that allowed us to dive a little deeper into the Biblical portion of the Timeline events in Week 1. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did:


Days of Creation Book
This Days of Creation tabbed book (from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus) is designed to be included in a lap book. I really like how each day is listed and then the student writes a verse from Genesis or their own summary of what happened that day. Memorizing the days of Creation seems like a very “Classical Conversations” thing to do. Just as a suggestion: We are not doing a lot of separate lap books this year. Rather, I have purchased a large 3 ring binder for each child and used tabs to divide it into Timeline, History, English, Latin, Science, etc. This Creation book will be pasted onto a page and placed in the Timeline section of the binder. Download: Days of Creation Tabbed Book

The documentary “God of Wonders” is a great selection for family movie night. The nature footage will hold the kids’ interest and the facts presented are simple enough to be understood by many youngsters but have enough depth that the adults will learn a lot as well. I like that this video touches on several “proofs” for the existence of God, from logical arguments to scientific foresight in scripture. You can watch the documentary for free on YouTube but the quality is not great. CLICK HERE to watch “God of Wonders” on YouTube If you are looking for the clarity that really makes the nature footage “pop” consider the DVD:

CLICK HERE to purchase the “God of Wonders” DVD on Amazon

The “Herein Is Love” Bible study series is very popular within the Charlotte Mason community. We haven’t started using it yet, but are looking forward to trying it. The reviews say that the series combines rich storytelling with insightful Biblical commentary:

CLICK HERE to purchase “Herein Is Love, Vol. 1, Genesis” on Amazon

I just found this book online and it is on its way to me. I was attracted to it for two main reasons: 1. It uses the actual words from the Bible to tell the story of Creation and 2. It highlights 20 different species within the story, helping children to get to know more about each animal. This feels to me like a great connection between the Genesis story and the classification of animals that we are covering in Science for CC Week 1.

CLICK HERE to purchase “the Creation story for children” on Amazon

Although I absolutely love our read-aloud selections, I find it important to make sure I have some independent reading time as well. I recently came across this series of books and it looks super interesting. I am ordering the first one today. Here is the excerpt from the summary that made me want to read it, “Ideal for students, professors, pastors and lay readers with an interest in the intelligent design controversy and creation-evolution debates, Walton’s thoughtful analysis unpacks seldom appreciated aspects of the biblical text and sets Bible-believing scientists free to investigate the question of origins.” Anyone want to read it with me and let me know your thoughts?

Purchase “The Lost World of Genesis One” on Amazon

The Flood

One of the things that I find fascinating in ancient history is the presence of a flood narrative in the written records and/or oral traditions of virtually every ancient civilization. Some scholars scoff at the possibility of a world-wide flood, but we see this same story passed down for generations worldwide. This website contains some great information on the various flood narratives. You can spend just a few minutes reading some of the flood stories from other cultures or you can spend several hours diving deeper into the resources the site offers. CLICK HERE to learn about flood legends from around the world.

I am an absolute sucker for good picture books. In fact, I’m one of those weirdos who opens hard cover books just to smell their glossy pages. I love it! I am always on the look out for unique, uplifting stories with gorgeous illustrations to add to my collection. I justify this by reminding myself that not only will I enjoy reading these treasures to my own children, but I will have a built-in library for my eventual grand kids. So imagine my delight when I found this adorable picture book with a fresh, new take on the story of Noah’s ark. Told from the point of view of the dove, the story stresses just how much God loves each and every one of his children. I highly recommend it.
Not Especially Special Cover
CLICK HERE to purchase “Not Especially Special” on Amazon

Can I just tell you how sad I am that I don’t have any kids who are little enough to play with this toy? It is ridiculously cute. How fun would it be for littles to be quietly shape sorting with this toy while the family is reading the story of the Flood?

CLICK HERE to purchase the Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Wooden Ark from Amazon

I believe very strongly that exposing our homeschool students to stories from history in more than one context tremendously increases their capacity to learn and retain the information we are presenting. For this reason, I try to cover each timeline item from as many different “angles” as possible. This includes read-aloud books, independent readers, lap books and unit studies, activities, games, and movies. It is also a wonderful incentive for my kids for them to be able to enjoy a movie that fits into our timeline studies once they have completed their other work. This wonderful short cartoon (30 min.) stars the voice of James Earl Jones and tells the story of God’s plan and Noah’s ark:

CLICK HERE to watch “Noah’s Ark” FREE with your Amazon Prime membership

Of course if your kids have been extra good this week (or you just need a little more time to complete the wash) you can reward them with this fun full-length movie about the animals aboard the ark.

CLICK HERE to watch “All Creatures Big and Small” for FREE with your Amazon Prime Subscription

If you are looking for a documentary that gives an understandable and well thought-out defense of the Biblical account of the Flood, check this out:

CLICK HERE to watch “The Quest for Noah’s Ark” for FREE with your Amazon Prime Subscription

Tower of Babel

The story of the Tower of Babel told through pictures and rhyme. With a $2.99 price tag (including free shipping through Amazon Prime) this is a worthwhile addition to your curriculum if you have children under 10.

CLICK HERE to purchase “The Tower of Babel” from Amazon

Here is a cute little cartoon about the Tower of Babel:

Watch “Bugtime Adventures: Construction Woes: The Story of the Tower of Babel” FREE with your Amazon Prime membership.

My family absolutely loves the 7 Wonders board game from Asmodee. So studying the Tower of Babel gave us the perfect excuse to pick up the Babel expansion pack for the 7 Wonders game. If you are a fan of 7 Wonders, this expansion adds lots of new twists to the original game play. Well worth it!

CLICK HERE to purchase the Babel Expansion Pack on Amazon

If you don’t already have a copy of 7 Wonders, I would highly recommend it. It is not only fun, with a ton of repeat play value, but it is easy enough for kids as young as six to play right along with older kids and adults. 7 Wonders makes my Top 5 list for Board Games…and that’s saying a lot.

CLICK HERE to purchase the 7 Wonders game from Amazon

Puzzles are such a great family activity! I love to put one out on a table in the schoolroom and let the kids work on it as we do read-aloud activities or for breaks throughout the day. Extra bonus when the puzzle can correlate to what we are studying. This one contains 1000 pieces and it based on the Bruegel painting of the Tower of Babel:

CLICK HERE to purchase the Tower of Babel puzzle from Amazon

If you’ve made it to the end of this post…bless you! Just a reminder that the purpose of this blog is for me to wade through the massive amount of resources available for enriching the Classical Conversations program and narrow them down to the “best of the best.” But even then, the “best of the best” is too much! Please pick and choose from these options to find the perfect little gems for your family. My sincere desire is that this blog is a resource full of fun ideas and not something that will ever make any of you feel pressured. Whatever you are doing…whatever we are doing…it is enough. Much love.

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